Clean & Green

Clean & Green is a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture conservation program for land in agricultural use, agricultural reserve, or forest reserve that adjusts the property tax rate for landowners enrolling in the program.

Agricultural use is defined as land used for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity, or devoted to and meeting the requirements and qualifications for payments or other compensation through a soil conservation program under an agreement with an agency of the Federal government.

Agricultural reserve is defined as a noncommercial open space used for outdoor recreation or the enjoyment of scenic or natural beauty and is open to the public for that use, without charge or fee on a nondiscriminatory basis.

Forest reserve is defined as a ten-acre or more piece of land, stocked by forest trees of any size, which are capable of producing timber or other wood products. The term includes farmstead land on the tract.


Eligibility for the Program

  • 10 acres or more of agricultural land, or
  • Less than 10 acres of agricultural land, but gross at least $2,000 annual income from the land, or
  • 10 acres of forestland.


Applications can be found at the following website:

County Clean & Green website:

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